Through Thick and Thin (Soul Food)

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This is one of those treasured dishes that's equally as fun to make as it is to eat. In Louisiana, tossing 50lbs of wriggling, fire engine-red crawfish, andouille sausage, plump corn on the cob, red potatoes, and a bouquet of spices into a giant vat of boiling water is the only way to celebrate summer.

Just don't forget to suck those heads clean, podna, or you'll stick out like a 'Bama fan at the Tigers' stadium. From Louisiana to the shores of North Carolina, any brunch worth its salt features this seafood crowd-pleaser.

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Corn grits, mashed silky-smooth and loaded with melted cheese and way more butter and cream than anyone wants to know, provides the ideal platform for the shrimp's peppery pop. Shellfish isn't your thing? Keep on shaking that bright-red bottle of Texas Pete over the stuff and trust us, it'll taste amazing. OK, fine, it's not a "food" per se, but good grief, is there anything more quintessentially Southern than a Mason jar full of freezing-cold iced tea brewed with more sugar than an entire Skittles factory? The answer is, "no, ma'am. It doesn't matter if it comes drenched in Carolina vinegar, spicy Tennessee dry rub, mayo-heavy Alabama dressing, or simple Texas smoke, this tender meat-of-the-Southern-gods has the power to set off just about any sauce it touches.

Pile it high on a chewy bun, add some creamy coleslaw, and buckle up for the best lunch of your damn life. Yes, the biscuits are back. But, to be honest, it's hard to find a single Southern meal that doesn't come with at least one of these steamy butter-bombs. They make everything, from scrambled eggs to fried chicken, taste like a Sunday morning in some storybook Grandma's dusty kitchen.

Besides, they're so nice we ranked 'em twice. Fried chicken is, without a doubt, the South's greatest export. You can dust it with cayenne and tuck it into a soft bun, plop it onto Belgian waffles and drown it in syrup, smother it in pepper-flecked country gravy, or yank it straight from a greasy paper bucket.

It has all the qualities of the perfect food: crunch, juiciness, saltiness, spice, contrast in texture and taste, not to mention it smells better than a Mississippi magnolia tree in bloom. Any person claiming to hate the taste of fried chicken is lying like a no-legged dog -- period, end of story. Meredith Heil is a staff writer for Thrillist. She's out that H-town, coming, coming down. She's coming down, dripping crawdads on the ground. Bow down to mereditto. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email.

26. Boiled peanuts

Share on Facebook Pin it. Fried okra When fried whole in generously spiced, eggy batter, okra can make for a respectable side dish. Pimento cheese Here's the thing: pimento cheese is insanely delightful. Brunswick stew Northerners are probably scratching their heads at the very notion of Brunswick stew, but that's what makes it great.

Hush puppies If you know anything about Southerners, you know that they'll fry up just about anything, including something as innocuous as a damn bite of cornbread. Sweet potato casserole Throughout most of the country, a Pyrex pan brimming with smooth, luscious sweet potatoes, cloyingly sweet and topped with toasted pecans, is merely a supporting actor in a crowded Thanksgiving pageant. Pecan pie This sticky charmer has been center stage at every Southern holiday table since the dawn of time -- or at least since Karo-brand corn syrup first hit the shelves. Fried green tomatoes Brown and crispy on the outside, fried green tomatoes are hot and gooey on the inside with just the slightest hint of vegetal crunch.

Crawfish boil This is one of those treasured dishes that's equally as fun to make as it is to eat. Sometimes the recipe for a good marriage needs a few new ingredients. Maxine and Kenny love each other very much, and nothing can tear them apart. So why do they feel so distanced from one another? Maybe it's because Maxine wants to spread her wings and her words by taking a writing class.

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But Kenny doesn't want to do anything to upset the status quo -- specifically Maxine's status as a wife and mother. Their arguments may be many, but there is one thing that Maxine and Kenny can agree on: they disagree. Encouraged by her sisters Teri and Bird, Maxine takes the class and finds herself developing a deep connection with her writing instructor.

He is a successful, sensuous man who seems to under-stand the secrets of her soul. As he encourages and nurtures her talents, Maxine gets a sense of fulfillment that her husband no longer provides. Stubborness blinds Kenny, and no advice from Teri, Bird, or even Lem can make him see the path on which his marriage is traveling.

With their lives seemingly taking different directions, how are these two sensible, sensitive adults supposed to stay together -- faithfully, and forever?

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Soul Food: Through Thick and Thin: Leslie E. Banks: progru: Books

Walk Two Moons. Sharon Creech. Dawn in Eclipse Bay. Jayne Ann Krentz.

The Jackson 5 - Through Thick And Thin [Audio HQ] HD

Forever Changed. Contract Pending.

Through Thick and Thin (Soul Food) Through Thick and Thin (Soul Food)
Through Thick and Thin (Soul Food) Through Thick and Thin (Soul Food)
Through Thick and Thin (Soul Food) Through Thick and Thin (Soul Food)
Through Thick and Thin (Soul Food) Through Thick and Thin (Soul Food)
Through Thick and Thin (Soul Food) Through Thick and Thin (Soul Food)
Through Thick and Thin (Soul Food) Through Thick and Thin (Soul Food)

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