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One project, Untold Stories Reminiscence Site of Untold Stories at Momentum Arts , funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, helped capture the lives and experiences of black and minority ethnic communities in Cambridgeshire. Check out the box, Words to the Wise. My desire to do a personal biography would be to acknowledge my ancestry, honor my existence to my friends, colleagues, and those I love who are my family or I consider my family. But most of all, I want to capture myself. I want to be able to look back on my life and preserve the memories in case my brain cells refuse to cooperate and to retrieve on demand in the future.

A hidden army of female cryptographers, played a crucial role in ending World War II. The two men, who last saw each other in a concentration camp, fulfilled a dream Sunday in Tamarac as they met again, thanks to a memoir that one wrote. Each day Cowbird takes a photo and writes a short story to go with it. You can look these up by category: Curated stories , Most loved , With audio, , Most viewed, etc.

This is a place where stories pile on top of stories so that every object, every location, is imbued with the deepest stories. Mini-memoir as love letter. Fran Morley, APH blog, Archaeologist Howard Carter made headline news around the world in when he uncovered the legendary tomb of King Tutankhamun, who ruled for just ten years before his death at about nineteen years of age.

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Joan M. Doris's brother, Warren, is not so obscure. It's Still Me Sue Hessel, APH blog, , on helping dementia patients find and save their stories--and on helping caregivers see them as individuals and not their disease. We've heard many life stories, war accounts, prisoner of war nightmares and confessions that folks share before going to the grave. Yet, I've never been vividly transported to the underworld of Prohibition She recalled her early life with the Shelton brothers, who ran East St.

This is one of several interesting profiles. She writes that in most cases she'd rather read an essay about dressing for a funeral than about sitting there listening to the eulogy. Ian Shapira, Washington Post, has edited and annotated Shana Greatman Swers Facebook page to tell her story from pre-baby date nights to a medical odyssey that turned the ecstasy of childbirth into a struggle for life. Erika Schickel L. Times opinion page on reconnecting in cyberspace with high school friends whose memories of facts and events threaten to pollute our personal storyline.

Sent a power bill, he appealed the charges. All I have to do is look at them and my own celebrations come wafting back. Strickland was adopted at 18 months and grew up in Cincinnati during s and 70s. After much searching, she found her birth family in This story about a reunion is one of many stories about adoption that you will find in the magazine Adoption Voices.

Keep a journal about your kids' lives, suggests Brody, who is doing so. Lesson learned: Record them as soon as you think of it, because you never know. After his death, she learns of wartime kills her father could not tell his family about, despite awards he received for heroism. Wonderful way to gather random memories.

But did I really need to keep plus 7 UP bottles and related memorabilia Pepper Museum in Waco, Texas. Now Taylor heads "Preserving the Past.

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What they have in common. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies lets ordinary people come into the facility and interview each other in pairs, usually friends or family, about their personal history and experiences with larger historical and cultural events. Imagine that you've just been told you have only a short time to live. What would you want your family and community to remember most about you? In St. Louis, a hospice program called Lumina helps patients leave statements that go beyond a simple goodbye.

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Here, for example, is the story of Sammy Rangel, a perpetrator and victim of violence --"I went into prison as a street punk and came out as a brutal leader with a killer mentality. Open my front door and the first thing you notice are books.

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They line the walls, hover overhead, and stack up on tables. Each is a chunk of autobiography, a clue to who I was while reading it Students interviewed local people for oral histories and to capture and preserve crafts and other aspects of Appalachian culture. Eleven more followed.

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Emancipation freed nearly 4 million slaves. And for the first time in U. Watch the video to learn more. Read also 1. After World War II, tens of thousands of Japanese women moved with their new husbands, American soldiers, and assimilated into American culture. The social work and history departments at the University of South Florida designed a project to introduce the concept of "person-centered care": Working with a class of 22 undergraduates, 23 participants from a residential facility for seniors shared their life stories in various ways talking, creating a scrapbook, being videotaped for an oral history, etc.

A sixteen-year-old who has never sent a letter, wonders what it will be like to have no letters documenting his life -- as his digital records disappear. Scroll down and watch the video.

Have a hankie nearby. History is filled with revivals, led by people who were reinvigorated for the future by a reckoning with the past. Annie Payne, APH, Keep near your door for that natural disaster that forces you to leave home quickly. Annie tells how to organize. Your ancestors' lousy childhoods or excellent adventures might change your personality, bequeathing anxiety or resilience by altering the epigenetic expressions of genes in the brain.

This video focuses more on her life story.

To date, thousands of high schools from all 50 states have participated and preserved more than 75, interviews, providing families with a priceless piece of personal history. Because so many people wanted to take the class again, registration became restricted to first-timers. People who had taken the class before formed their own memoir writing groups.


In many parts of West Africa, the job of preserving people's stories is carried out by the griots, masters of words and music. Write the story of your life -- two pages at a time. I took Cheryl and Anita's trainer instruction course online and was surprised to find myself bonding with the other participants. Anita and Cheryl have stopped working together on the instructor training. I now lead Guided Autobiography groups in Bethesda, Maryland. Here are stories about other GAB groups, as members call them: Autobiography class aims to help seniors forge connections through stories Brittany Woolsey, Huntington Beach Independent, "Part of the beauty of guided autobiography, and why I like it, is that not only do people write about a certain time in their lives, but then when people come together, they share their stories.

This really captures how a group can interact online. Provides sensitizing questions which help participants write on life themes as opposed to life stages : Branching points. Health and body. Sexual identity. Experiences with and about death. Your spiritual life and values.

Your goals and aspirations. More themes for Guided Autobiography groups. Now a retired archivist has uncovered their stories. Michael E. Ruane, WaPo, The New York City-based unit was famous for its prowess in battle and the indignities it suffered at the hands of many white officers. Discrimination was so bad that the regiment was shunted off to fight with the French army and equipped with French helmets and French rifles, historians say.

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At the time, many Americans, including military leaders, believed African Americans lacked the intelligence and courage to fight The th proved the skeptics wrong and went on to achieve a remarkable combat record. Maybe it will be a model for someone you know! This is a placeholder, as the link no longer works. Calling Jane Oppermann: Is the story available elsewhere?

Sue Hessel, Association of Personal Historians blog, People represented in history texts were famous or were political and military leaders.

The Prom (Positive Courage (Autobiography) Book 4) The Prom (Positive Courage (Autobiography) Book 4)
The Prom (Positive Courage (Autobiography) Book 4) The Prom (Positive Courage (Autobiography) Book 4)
The Prom (Positive Courage (Autobiography) Book 4) The Prom (Positive Courage (Autobiography) Book 4)
The Prom (Positive Courage (Autobiography) Book 4) The Prom (Positive Courage (Autobiography) Book 4)
The Prom (Positive Courage (Autobiography) Book 4) The Prom (Positive Courage (Autobiography) Book 4)
The Prom (Positive Courage (Autobiography) Book 4) The Prom (Positive Courage (Autobiography) Book 4)

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