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These arguments may be right or they may be wrong, but most members of the public have never even heard them, any more than have most students at the best colleges in America.

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How likely is it, then, that many members of the public would support economic conservatism? The political-science literature has long emphasized the almost unfathomable level of public ignorance.

Seventy-four percent of the public can identify the Three Stooges, but only 42 percent can identify the three branches of government. Converse pointed out that the gap between the politically ignorant public and the well-informed minority who write about politics — and who read articles like this one — is so wide that the well-informed few routinely project their ideological views onto the electorate at large.

The day after the election, they looked in the mirror and asked themselves what it would have meant if they had voted for Reagan. The overinterpretation of elections by the well-informed few is inherent in successful democracies, lest they lose their legitimacy. The sanctity of democracy would vanish if the voters were recognized as the ignoramuses they are.

But most political observers are themselves ignorant of the political-science findings of public ignorance, so it rarely occurs to them to include it in their post-election analyses. Not really. The public is unquestionably nationalistic.

But nationalism can lead to a dovish foreign policy if the public thinks Americans are being hurt by a hawkish foreign policy — especially a hawkish foreign policy designed to help foreigners. American casualties in Iraq, although dwarfed by the casualties in Vietnam and every other major war, are what have gotten Bush and the Republicans in trouble.

But they were picked up by the news media and hammered home, in every possible way. Today, the media barrage against the war has positioned the Republicans for defeat.

Refuge writers due to sexual orientation

The same reporters who failed to report the end of the recession in favored Clinton over Bush by 12 to 1 see mediaresearch. Did they conspire to suppress the truth? Of course not. But, faced with conflicting claims about a confusing world, they believed what they were prepared to believe, and they successfully conveyed this belief to the public. There have always been outlets for conservative opinion, and they have always suffered from the appearance of partiality.

The result is that only partisans watch. Limbaugh has fewer listeners than National Public Radio.

To be silent is to say we are not alive

Mainstream sources like Katie Couric or NPR can be ideologically liberal without expressing partisan support for the Democrats. But media personnel are more liberal than most Americans. No conspiracy there, either. Who are the most sophisticated thinkers, worthy of being taught to the best and the brightest? Conservative philosophy e.

Conservative social science is nonexistent — except in economics. The great exception was F. Hayek; see Peter J. So students on their way to positions of public influence, including media influence, avoid economics in droves. No economics, no conservatism. No conservatism, no countervailing impetus to the natural liberalism of the American reporter, and the leftist impetus of his professors when he is still a student.

The pivotal issue here is whether the ideas taught to people matter. The recounts continue until the leftist candidates win and then, suddenly, the recounts end. Of outcomes overturned by recounts, the vast majority have given the victory to leftist candidates. Or else the leftist politicians and bureaucrats just ignore the vote. This is what is called lawfare and, for some reason, only leftists engage in it.

As an aside, leftists are also hypocritical. None of this resistance behavior is tolerated if the leftist candidate wins. For a democracy to function, there must be fair play. Leftists do not play fair; as noted, they cheat. Everywhere you look, in leftist states and enclaves, the voting rules are skewed toward cheating. Laws are passed allowing paper and mail-in ballots that are easily manipulated, voting machines that are easily hacked, ballot harvesting on election day and night and over-night, the use of erasable pencils in voting booths, voting without the need for voter ID, and more.

Immigration, too, is a method of stuffing the ballot box. If cheating does not work, the leftists will keep changing the rules until the vote is forever a leftist vote. See California and Louisiana. Vote splitting is another method of not playing fair. The creation and support of alternative parties to split the rightist vote is common in Europe. In the US, evidence supports the conclusion that the Libertarian party was formed by leftists to siphon off votes from the Republican Party to enhance the chances of a leftist victories. And vote splitting works: see for example the midterm elections.

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Pretend Republican candidates are also run who immediately switch parties upon being elected. There is no fair play among the leftists; voting is just a mechanism for the exercise and accrual of raw power. For a democracy to function, there must be a free exchange of ideas. Leftists do not believe in this.

The Dissident

For the leftist, the consent of the governed and the opinions of the voters must be manufactured through the use of propaganda and the censoring and punishment of wrong-think. The propaganda and censorship is everywhere. Expressing wrong-think is dangerous, physically and financially. Your card has been declined because of your political views. This is something Straussians understand. This fact gets to another reason that leftists hate democracy; censorship of wrong-think cannot be enforced in the privacy of the voting booth.

For a democracy to function, everyone must be open to being persuaded by the free flow of ideas. In multicultural or diverse democracies, people vote their tribe. Voting patterns in the US and everywhere else are evidence of this. Although one is forbidden to speak of this, leftists understand very well the tribal nature of multicultural voting. This is among the reasons they are so intent upon importing into the US and into Europe hordes of certain types of immigrants legal and otherwise. Those immigrants will vote their tribe as a block. Young rightists see this plainly—as do young leftists.

Young leftists have a solution; rightists do not. For a democracy to function, truly important issues must be subject to the vote. However, in much of the West, important and society-changing decisions are made by bureaucrats and judges. Abortion and gay marriage are the clearest examples. To that we can add all of the widely-reported decisions by District Court judges in the US blocking various actions taken by the Trump administration. In the UK, the recent adoration of Lady Hale by leftists has been amazing to witness. There is a lot of other evidence that, despite what they say, leftists do not believe in democracy.

Certainly, our globalist elites do not believe in democracy. According to our elites, the voters are too dumb to rule themselves. From all of this, no one should be surprised that rightists generally have lost their faith in democracy. Dec 13, Bottle, It poured a brown color with a tan head. The aroma was of wine, fruits and sourness. Good stuff. Dec 5, Bottle bought in Portland in Aroma of funk, oak and vinegar. The same in the sour taste, also some fruit and malt.

The Dissident The Dissident
The Dissident The Dissident
The Dissident The Dissident
The Dissident The Dissident
The Dissident The Dissident

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