Sonata No. 6 g minor - Continuo

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Trio Sonata in B minor op.2 no.1 for flute, violin and continuo

Charpentier screams quality.

Sonata No. 6 g minor scored for 1 Instrument/Continuo

Surprise of the month. English Coronation, magnificent achievement. The star soloist here is Paul Dombrecht and these are his simply splendid recordings of the Trio Sonatas ZWV now making a reappearance on Glossa.

Sonata No. 6 g minor - Continuo Sheet Music by Antonio Vivaldi

I believe there was a prior reissue on Accent, back in but that disc is long out of print. Marcel Ponseele and Ku Ebbinge prove distinguished oboists to share burdens of solo responsibility in the two-oboe sonatas. Bassoonist Danny Bond is hugely personable and dextrous, and the addition of violinist Chiara Banchini, cellist Richte van der Meer and harpsichordist Robert Kohnen ensures aerated textures.

This historically informed recording had a long genesis, completed over six years after the first notes were set down.

N. CHÉDEVILLE [attr. to A. VIVALDI]: Sonata No.6 for Musette and B.C. in G minor, F. Lazarevitch

This gatefold twofer holds much to enjoy. Those Zelenka clashes are evoked in the finale of the first sonata, whilst his talent for elegantly yearning melodic lines can best be appreciated in the Andante opening of the Sonata in G minor — note how beautifully balanced the voicings are. These stylish, well textured, buoyant readings bring the music triumphantly to life through resilient rhythmic crispness.

As a sampler try the elegance of the Allegro finale of No.

The two discs are housed in an elegant gatefold, with good notes. Still a winner. Jonathan Woolf. The Trio in G minor for recorder and oboe, RV has long been a favourite amongst performers and audiences; the Trio in A minor for treble recorder and bassoon, RV86 deserves to be, and the Sonata in C minor for oboe and continuo, RV53 is not only one of the finest oboe sonatas of the late baroque but also one of the must difficult.

Handel Violin Sonatas |

The Trio in G major for two flutes, RV80 is stylistically something of a puzzle. There is nothing Vivaldian about the opening movement, which sounds more like the work of a German composer such as Telemann. The slow movement could come almost from anywhere and the finale migh be by a Frenchman who had drunk deeply from the Italian fountain. The Trio in G minor for two oboes, RV81 is decidely Vivaldian in figure and mood; this may well be its first recording.

Music by several composers is paraded under Vivaldi's name in this French publication of , though the Vivaldi content of this sonata is probably larger than in the remaining five of the set. From a technical and stylistic point of view these performances are impressive; but I feel, in slow movements especially, thay they lack interpretative flair.

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There is no shortage of ornamentation and much of it is effective but I am astonished that artists at this level of accomplishment can play a lyrical movement, such as the Largo cantabile ofRV86, with so little affection and with so little awareness of phrase. Even so, I enjoyed the issue for its programme planning and in much of its execution. If you are a library, university or other organisation that would be interested in an institutional subscription to Gramophone please click here for further information.

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Composer or Director:. Antonio Vivaldi. Magazine Review Date:. Media Format:.

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Catalogue Number:. Antonio Vivaldi Composer. Chamber Concerto. Trio Sonata for Recorder, Bassoon and Continuo. Trio Sonata for 2 Oboes and Continuo.

Sonata No. 6 g minor - Continuo Sonata No. 6 g minor - Continuo
Sonata No. 6 g minor - Continuo Sonata No. 6 g minor - Continuo
Sonata No. 6 g minor - Continuo Sonata No. 6 g minor - Continuo
Sonata No. 6 g minor - Continuo Sonata No. 6 g minor - Continuo
Sonata No. 6 g minor - Continuo Sonata No. 6 g minor - Continuo

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