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You are growing and bringing to yourself things of this new growth. This is the energy the Universe responds to. I often tell clients in this Green energy to picture themselves at an intersection. They are standing on the curb waiting for the light to change so they may go forward into the future.

Explainer: Degrowth

Why the light? Why the wait? Because there are some things you need to leave on the curb. Remember this: That which does not serve you, may not come with you into the future. If you keep the stuff that brings you down you will stay on the curb. Too burdensome. Some baggage is easier to leave on the curb than other baggage. The Holy Man of Tibet told us that our mission here is to be Happy. How easy is that? Why is so hard to achieve? Baggage, simply put, is the inability to change our minds.

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We dwell on the old patterns in our minds. Baggage is the thought process. We refuse to let go of the old way of thinking of ourselves, others, events, memories. We get more suitcases to hold it all.

Now that you have looked and thought about and dumped and repacked and lightened the load you are ready to journey forward. Because you have sent out this Green energy, this wanting for growth and happiness, the Universe is responding. Like attracts Like. Careful thought Once that great relief has occurred get out of the way! It is NOT the relief of the drug habit being kicked, or the booze being put down or the nail biting stopped or the people who drag you down on an emotional level being put aside or the inability to love yourself, it is the relief of Knowing that you have exercised Free Will and have changed your mind.

Did you get that?

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Changed your mind. It is within the Mind that Creation begins for you. You may feel you went to great lengths to change this and get rid of that but the wonderful truth is that you changed your Mind and the Universe responded. I knew a woman who was in a terrible relationship.

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Bless her heart, I use her example a lot. No one blamed her. Her husband was abusive to her and the children. They lived in poverty and he went to the bar every night Well after years of asking to get out of there, she wound up homeless. God is Love. All Good things come from God. But when she was truly in synch with her thoughts it all happened for her.

The Universe does not bother with the subtle nature of language. It receives the core of the image. This is why diseases are more local to some areas than others. There is always a great banging of the drums for fund raisers, and research. And a great number of people in that area are affected with the disease. This is tricky.

I receives the images and gives what your thoughts are on. It this case a disease. Do you get this? This is another twist where thoughts, seemingly protecting us, backfire. Then one day the rabbit saw the hawk eat a mouse. Oh heavens the rabbit became afraid of the hawk and thought about him all day. He wondered if that shadow was the hawk, that noise. Oh my.

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One day the Hawk caught him unawares and asked where he had been. The hawk told the rabbit he was afraid he was being ignored by the rabbit and they had been such good friends. So the rabbit told him about seeing him eat a mouse and he was afraid the hawk would eat him, too. The hawk assured the mouse that he would never hurt his friend. She has a long term interest in inclusive education; the impact on students when they have a diagnosis of intellectual disability; and parental perspectives of the inclusive school experience.

Skip to Main Content. Search in: This Journal Anywhere. Advanced search. Submit an article Journal homepage. Pages Received 10 Sep From here to there and back again: the story of a mother, her son, disability, and school choice. Article Metrics Views. I completed an intensive certification program in Somatic Transformation Therapy, which explores and treats the physiological and psychological effects of complex traumatic experiences. Currently, I am participating in a specialized training to work with perinatal and post-partum mental health challenges and also Sand Tray Therapy.

I work from a strength-based, family oriented perspective. I utilize opportunities to reframe negative family dynamics and emphasize positive strengths to find the possibility of hope. In addition to traditional therapy, sessions may also include art therapy, as I have often found this helpful when words alone may not be enough to express difficult thoughts and feelings.

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All ages and abilities can benefit from art therapy. Creating art can become a pathway to self-discovery, identity, and increased self-esteem. My experience includes helping children and families who struggle with anxiety, depression, ADHD, grief and loss, trauma, identity formation, relationship conflicts, and difficult life transitions. I have used art therapy to help with elders living with dementia to create significant gains in mood, memory, and cognition. I believe in fostering a supportive connection between thoughts and feelings to create the possibilities for insight, hope and positive change.

Professional Credentials. I co-authored and conducted a yearlong research study with using art therapy with elders: Creating a Pictorial Lifebook to evoke gerotranscendence in elderly individuals with dementia. Emergency Resources. Some evening and weekend appointments are available. Here to There Therapy. Sometimes words can fail you.

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