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Black Long Sleeve Baron Tee. Must Try Doughnuts. See more of our Must Try Doughnuts. Viscous Hibiscus Raised yeast doughnut dipped in hibiscus flavored frosting and black sprinkles. Dirt Raised yeast doughnut with vanilla frosting and Oreo cookies. Diablos Rex Chocolate cake doughnut with chocolate frosting, red sprinkles, a vanilla frosting pentagram, and chocolate chips in the middle. Plain Cake Maple Vegan plain cake doughnut dipped in maple frosting. View All Doughnuts. Voodoo Doughnut Merchandise. Any advice would be great!

Thanks a bunch. Jade B. September 26, I am happy to have found this article about donuts.

I did not know that filled donuts were most commonly made from dough with more yeast. It makes sense that this would provide an interior with more space for filling. Something to consider would be to have a clean working area when making this treat. Tracer L. September 6, Donuts made in the U. Also - remember that over time, every ingredient in cooking has been modified and changed to make things quicker and easier. When buying supplies for baking, ALWAYS bake from scratch only and find and use the ingredients that as closely resemble those your mother or grandmother could buy.

Real butter and NO margarine - Canned condensed milk to replace raw milk from earlier times - one jumbo egg today is equal to one small egg in the past. Think about what used to be or buy only cookbooks published before When we went to convenience foods; and ingrediants, we went to an obese nation of sugar pigs.

January 17, Cristina S. September 18, Can I increase the amount of sugar in the dough? I felt like it needed to be a little sweeter. They also came out too chewy. Did I mix too long? Ron March 26, Gary G. March 15, Sorry to take up further space but permit me one more correction, as one should not go by memory.

It wasn't Washington Irving, but Nathaniel Hawthorne who referred to the doughnut as a Puritan dish, and the term he used circa at any rate was "Puritan dainty".

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Sorry, not "fried bread", but "fried dough" it was in those Hudson Valley towns. I believe these are direct descendants of the Dutch oely-koeken different spellings that are thought to be at the bottom of the doughnut, but I think in fact these are different traditions. Washington Irving in an book referred to the doughnut and some other well-known American pies and pastries as a "Puritan delicacy", which suggests again an English origin.

The famous dough boy as in Pillsbury dough boy surely is connected as well? Anyway all very interesting and your recipes look great. Gary Gary. March 14, Like other English-origin foods, they simply achieved more prominence here than in the Old Country.

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It is unlikely in my view a British gentlewoman in would have submitted to any influence from America in her cooking. Virtually no American cookbooks had yet been written, and as a recent colony I don't think the English would in any case take inspiration from America in cooking mores.


That came in time, but not then and not in this way. I've had "fried bread" in small towns along the Hudson River in New York State and it isn't really like a donut. I recall it as more the size of a piece of foccacia bread, kind of flat or at least irregular shaped.

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I think too dough boy was another old British confection and I'd think there is some connection probably to the donut or doughnut. No question the Americans perfected it and made it what it is today but still the Baroness's recipe is pretty close to some donuts you can still buy today. Sincerely, Gary Gillman, Toronto. Antonio B. During its first week in Flatiron, we handed out free doughnuts as a way to get to know our neighbors.

Costa Mesa

On opening day, we continued to give away doughnuts and were thrilled and surprised to have an endless line practically from the moment we opened the doors until close. The line wrapped around the corner and we are still pinching ourselves. The Flatiron location allows us to connect with people residing in the neighborhood as well as with people from all over the world.

It has, and continues to be, a very exciting endeavor! We put a lot of heart and hard work into what we do and want to share it with you.

Therefore, we designed our shops so everyone can appreciate every step in the doughnut-making process. We invite you to share the experience with us. Now, she can be found at this Brooklyn spot frying killer yeast doughnuts and glazing them in flavors like creamy dulce de leche with slivers of toasted almond. Our Menu Dough's menu is carefully curated to bring customers a selection of flavors and textures to satisfy different tastes and cravings.

Our Locations. Bed Stuy, Brooklyn We spent several years living and working in Bed-Stuy and know the neighborhood quite well. Flatiron, New York Fulfilling our long held dream of opening a location in Manhattan, we opened our Flatiron location in October of


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