Dont Dance with Mary Grace!

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They guessed my age, my profession, my personality type, and felt entitled enough to tell me that I was reviewing opera performances the wrong way. Had it been constructive criticism I would have listened, but their comments were out of the blue and seemed patronising. So, their troll-like behaviour was quite unusual given the timing.

Mary Grace Day Two (Aka week two) — Mirtography

The experience was unpleasant. I instantly replied back to the person, verified my age, blocked them immediately and that was that. Yet the main reason why I remember the situation so clearly is not so much about the words they used to offend or engage with me but, in fact, the profound effect it had on the Twitter community.

A couple of writers wrote about what happened on their blogs, some of my followers discussed it separately on different Twitter threads while others decided to contact the offender directly and start a discussion about his comments, mostly supporting my position.

A Date for Gomer

I also recall receiving many private messages from my followers checking up on how I was. For me, it also demonstrated how vulnerable and exposed my position was as a reviewer. Now anyone can say whatever they like to anyone who has a social media presence, including celebrities and politicians. They can offend, upset, encourage, thank and praise anyone, and they can do it as openly or anonymously as they please.

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The answer a troll would give us is put simply: why not? People who have the time to criticise will seize an opportunity and take it.

Some people fixate on particular people who have a large, loyal following. The troll could be jealous of this person, or hold an entirely different view from them but have difficulty delivery their argument in a diplomatic manner. The alternative reason trolls exist is to impress other trolls.

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This is a strong motivator for many trolls, which is rarely discussed. The result of them acting like a troll is to gain attention, and this attention might not be targeted at you; it could be for other trolls who agree with their viewpoint.

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Unfortunately, for anyone who has a social media presence on the internet, be it as an influencer or merely having a strong opinion, trolling is part and parcel of the territory. But it is so wonderful to be welcomed back into the blogging fraternity, especially when it means that we can share a corner of the world which is for ever ' Lawn Tea'.

Oh how lovely it would be to share a cup of tea and slice of cake right now Hoping you are keeping well and warm. All love, J and L xx. What a lovely tribute to "Mary Grace. I, too, am in awe of your words, Rachel. Your beautiful way with words brightens the lives and hearts of so many, Rachel Oh, my dear friend! I do believe that you are a good witch.

Mary-Grace Langhorne Named Teen Star Santa Barbara

Or maybe Mary Poppins. There is pure magic in everything you do! Post a Comment. Once upon a time, some forty-something years ago, we sat in our living rooms, watching Mayberry on our black-and-white TVs. March 30, News in 90 0. Walt Disney World is revamping its security to ensure the safety of its guests.

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That and more in 90 seconds. March 16, News in 90 0.

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    Dont Dance with Mary Grace! Dont Dance with Mary Grace!
    Dont Dance with Mary Grace! Dont Dance with Mary Grace!
    Dont Dance with Mary Grace! Dont Dance with Mary Grace!
    Dont Dance with Mary Grace! Dont Dance with Mary Grace!
    Dont Dance with Mary Grace! Dont Dance with Mary Grace!
    Dont Dance with Mary Grace! Dont Dance with Mary Grace!

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